Having reached this page, you'll probably anxious to know something about PGLAB.

The author of these artcrafts, Piergiorgio Gherardini, was a mathematician in a previuos life. Today he spends some time doing leather crafts, rediscovering some hidden hereditary inclinations.

PGLAB is not a shop, neither real nor virtual, it is rather a "laboratory of ideas", open to your suggestions.

However, if you are in Rome, where I live, you might want to meet me, so being able to examine hands-on some of my crafts. If any of the visitors of this site would like to get one of these artcrafts, or just have more infos, please drop me a line: I will be glad to answer your e-mail in a short time.

Mail contact: info@pglab.it

Phone Contact: (+39) 348 3342271

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